Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Wee Bit of the Blarney

At the local schools today, leprechauns were afoot with mischief. Some students told of their chairs being tipped upside down, or put on top of their desks. A middle school math teacher did the entire lecture with a bad Irish accent. One teacher gave out gold chocolate coins from the end of the rainbow. I heard that many students were eager to pinch those who forgot to wear green!

Little people here learned how to make their left hand sound like a bagpipe out of a grace note and an open fifth. We counted to 6, so they could play a jig. Even if they're not ready to read 6/8 time we can have a good time with a reel or even Amazing Grace. C position never sounded so green.

Some students were full of stories about the contest experience at the University of Minnesota. Many told of great judges and "pretty good pianos, at least better than preliminaries". Not wanting to jinx themselves however, they did not want to predict whether they won or not. They focused a lot on things that could have gone better.

One student in particular told a dire tale of being late, forgetting his registration slip, a mean judge, a rotten piano, and horrendous performance. I didn't really buy it though, and it turned out that they had made that blarney up in the car on the way to my house. "Hey", I replied, "this isn't April Fool's Day, you know!"

He came back, "Yeah, just wait for THAT story!"


  1. With imaginations like that, you should be worried about 4/1.

  2. I think I would probably not believe anything they say on April 1. Now if they were smart, they would only tell you the truth on that day.

    Have fun. Those kids are just too smart.

  3. I am always amazed by their cleverness! I just love 'em

  4. I love that story, Chris! How cute and creative. I got a charge out of my 2nd grade student who came in an announced that he did not feel like taking a lesson because it was a holiday. LOL


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