Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Fever

My students felt it in the air this week. They just know, don't they? It seems to be our animal instinct, still intact. Monday, a young lady drew a flower on the whiteboard. She just "had to". By the end of the week, several had joined her artwork, written spring in multi-colored letters, and added sports, shamrocks and grass.

One of the thrills of a common, shared whiteboard is the ease with which they finish or augment each other's work. The red flower was colored in by a second student, the pot was added by a third.

The young man who drew the baseball dislikes the squish of the grass under his feet this time of year. I adore the fact that the children are taking notice of the miracles of a new season on the horizon. The board will not get erased until after everyone comes another week to see the beauty of their work together. What a village.

The flowers were out at the landscape market too. My mom and I played in the soil today-planting what will be gorgeous hanging baskets. The feel of the potting soil in our hands was joyous. It was fun and perhaps a little sneaky of me to have her prepare and plant what will turn out to be her Mother's Day gift.

Look at those flowers on the whiteboard and in the pots. Not one of them is alike. Today is another day to celebrate our uniqueness! Bring on the sunshine!


  1. That IS a sneaky but lovely way to get your mom's gift ready. She will love it and it will have her favorite flowers.

  2. The greatest gift is the gift of surprise. Your mom will love this gift because of this. And it is a gift that keeps on giving. That is the second best gift.

    So nice that all the kids work together in a spirit village, sharing the hopes and joy with each other.


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