Thursday, March 26, 2009


We have outrun more weather on our quest for the sun. We didn't stop in for these delicious sounding fried pies, but we asked a waitress when we did stop what they were. Imagine the best southern accent saying the following.

"Fried pies? Ya'll ain't never tried a fried pie? Land sakes, darlin', ya'll gotta go back! It's pie dough with a filling, folded over like a half moon. Then they dunk it in a fryer for a few minutes, and drizzle a little glaze on the top. My favorite is the chocolate ones."

We made it to Texas! So far we've stayed in 3 different states, and had a continental breakfast option at each hotel. Leave it to Texas to have their waffle iron in the shape of their great state! We were in a La Quinta which was also the most lovely of the hotels to date. But dining in this spacious breakfast nook, we were grazing right next to the longhorns out the window!

After a waffle that couldn't be beat, we went to this great boot and hat shop that decorated it's entire outside with used cowboy boots. This was not the only establishment that seemed to use the design theme. We bought the son a real cowboy hat, and some wrangler jeans for the daughter. Yee-haw! It's partly sunny and 65, almost shorts weather, but we opted for long pants.

During our stay in Texas, we listened to a Mexican radio station and a classic country station that played the best "oldies"! I can't tell you the last time I heard, Battle of 1814, Jolene, and Running Bear sequentially! Ya'll stop back tomorrow now, as we make our way back home.


  1. Sounds like you're stuck in a Texas Twilight Zone. Battle of 1814, fried pies, longhorn, seeing Texas in a waffle. Yep, a parallel universe.


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