Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Signs of spring started arriving. We slept in Kansas, and are still headed south. Daughter says she needs to touch her foot in Texas. Fine with me! The gas price has stayed steadily under $2.00 ($1.87 last fill), and we outran a thunderstorm that promised "nickel-sized hail and possible tornadoes". Everyone was talkin' 'bout the Kansas winds today. And we got into Sooner country with a tailwind.

For long stretches of highway there was nothing. No houses or farms, just electrical, the highway and the occasional small herd of cows. We saw hawks but not a lot of roadkill even. Things weren't as flat as we expected them to be.

We ate a Mexican lunch after our Museum of World Treasures tour in Wichita, and we have no idea why they decided it was hubby's birthday! But they came with fried ice cream and sombrero and sang really loud. We laughed so hard-he's so shy-it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

(PIX=The Museum was fantastic in Wichita, these yellow bushes are blooming from Kansas City south, the T-Rex's name was Ivan, Sooner Corner's bathroom was disgusting)

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  1. I HATE disgusting bathrooms. Had to clean too many of them.
    Some weirdos desecrate and defile with the poo-poo. Enuf said.


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