Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Good luck to the students around Minnesota who are competing this weekend in the finals of the Minnesota Music Teachers Association competition. Bring your music, play musically, breathe deeply, and don't blame the piano!

What I said to my own studio this week was that they already play their pieces really well. I encouraged them to love how they play it. If the judge agrees with us, then great. But what if she doesn't? What if he likes it faster, slower, stronger, weaker, or just plain different? Does that diminish your performance in your eyes? Please say no.

We are learning, learning, learning about ourselves and our music and life. Here's is what you will offer when you compete-a moment of your life shared with someone through your music.

Now, THAT's a mystery for any Friday the 13th lover. Connecting souls through sound. Amazing, mysterious, and awesome. But sort of scary, no?


  1. Great advice to your students; hope they are able to hang on to that positive message.

  2. LOVE the "don't blame the piano" part! I just got back from the U after playing every contest piano to make sure there are no sticking keys or pedal problems.

  3. Wow, marcia, such dedication to touch them all! Best wishes on a smooth weekend!

  4. Please pass on my best wishes for the competition. I hope they all do great. But most importantly I hope they all have fun. Then it will all be worth it, because if you cannot have fun with what you do when making music than what good is it. For I think that the judges know when they are having fun and enjoy what they do. Those are the best.


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