Saturday, March 3, 2012

Basic Piano, Please

I have been interviewing a few families as I increase my studio size. One of the interviews this week included the statement, "we're really looking for basic piano lessons, you know, no frills, teaching them to play." I regret that I didn't probe that question further.What did the Dad mean by that?
I think I didn't question him more because I sort of DID know what he meant. I have an active studio with many opportunities to be involved. I like offering contest, exams, recitals, festival and other events. I want the students to feel joy and success when they performed something well.
What I have been asking myself ever since is: what is "Basic" to piano study? What constitutes "no frills" piano? Do I want to teach students who are looking for this type of lesson? Do I want students who are hungry to pounce on every event placed before them? So many questions. These are topics I will be pondering the next few blogs. I really hope you will share your thoughts with me as the topics come up.
(Picture - Joe Friday, from Dragnet, whose favorite line was "Just the facts, Ma'am."

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