Saturday, March 3, 2012

Basic Piano, Please

I have been interviewing a few families as I increase my studio size. One of the interviews this week included the statement, "we're really looking for basic piano lessons, you know, no frills, teaching them to play." I regret that I didn't probe that question further.What did the Dad mean by that?
I think I didn't question him more because I sort of DID know what he meant. I have an active studio with many opportunities to be involved. I like offering contest, exams, recitals, festival and other events. I want the students to feel joy and success when they performed something well.
What I have been asking myself ever since is: what is "Basic" to piano study? What constitutes "no frills" piano? Do I want to teach students who are looking for this type of lesson? Do I want students who are hungry to pounce on every event placed before them? So many questions. These are topics I will be pondering the next few blogs. I really hope you will share your thoughts with me as the topics come up.
(Picture - Joe Friday, from Dragnet, whose favorite line was "Just the facts, Ma'am."


  1. In my case, the answer to that question would have been "no music reading, no scores, just playing. Let me play by ear, I want to make up songs. I want to find out what sound is, what melody is". That's what I answered my dad when he was teaching me solfege. I was six or seven, having sat at the piano in our house in Havana a year or two before. I just wanted to play. I wasn't in the mood for theory or funny notes on a piece of paper. And I did that for seven long years. And I had fun, but I never learnt how to read music.

    That was a very good post. I loved the photo, too. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Hello there!
    Do you still play? Please say yes.
    I'm so glad to be back in the blog community. I'm going to stop by your site soon!


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