Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eyes have it

I went to my optometrist Friday. I desperately needed new glasses. My current pair looks like John Lennon's. The prescription was from the early 70's too.

On a whim, I looked for Sarah Palin glasses. I'm not a fan, but I had heard that this was very popular at the moment. Did you know she started a trend last year? Her "look" set off a buyers frenzy. Her frames were available at my doctor's office. $700! Really? Maybe next time.

and by the way, where are those expensive outfits that she said would be going to charity? I would have a hard time giving those up if I were her. I can picture them in a black garbage bag, waiting to go to Goodwill.


  1. 700! Really? I think maybe next time too but they are cute. I am still a fan of John Lennon glasses.

  2. I am just wondering if you tried to negotiate a deal with your eye doctor, my glasses were supposed to be almost 700 dollars and they cut the cost in half, when I did this. I negotiated my cable and phone bills also. It does work for some places. If I would have said nothing, they would just let me pay in full. So just try it.

    Our local news put out a story on this. They said that if you don't succeed you will be no worse off than what you were when you started, but if you do succeed, then look at how much money you can save. So I now save 25 dollars off cable bill and 15 dollars off the phone bill each month. Just ask to talk to the manager.
    I love Sarah Palin's glasses. Maybe next time. And I love how she fights corruption in the party. I wish all politicans would fight corruption. Sigh.

    Let me know if it works.

    God Bless.

  3. I've had my glasses for almost two years now, very similar to Sarahs' and I only paid $250.00 for mine, what a rip-off!

    You asked about where we are located, I sell out of sisters' Garden which is off I-80-218. If you are on I-35, you are over by DesMoines, which is about a 3 hour drive from here.

    If you are planning to make it over, just call Sisters' and they will give you the directions. 319-683-2046 or

    Thanks for the inquirey,

  4. And I thought mine were expensive at $200 (they are not like Sarah Palin's, thank you very much!)

    I love getting new glasses, getting adjusted to a clearer, sharper world is always fabulous.

    Save those John Lennon frames, though. They'll be back in style in no time!


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