Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Make an Omelette...

first you have to break a few eggs, or so the saying goes. It is the height of piano season now. The many holidays that break the schedule into small pieces are behind us and from January until spring break we can make significant progress. That is, of course, if you decide to.

I have 2 younger students that don't like to get messy, so to speak. It's actually work to move a piece from pretty good to really great. They play a piece to about 70% and then it's difficult for them to see the need to work on what I perceive to be the best part! After the omelette eggs are in the pan, the time is ripe to add the green pepper, cheese, onions, and bacon bits. What would you put in your musical omelette? Let's add some dynamics and season it with a few staccatos. I'm also of the mind that you can choose to leave out an ingredient or two that doesn't suit you. It's ok if you don't like tomatoes on your eggs. We'll at least have to try a musical tomato at some point. I may suggest one on your hamburger next time? Or a fresh one from the vine standing in the garden in the heat of the day? Taking a salt shaker with you and feeling the juice run down to your elbow? Heaven.

I may have tomatoes on my brain. Despite the snow, I bought Beefsteak organic tomato seeds yesterday. I can't plant them, even indoors yet, but I'm planning. I'm drooling with the thought of smelling dirt and getting into the warm soil. But it doesn't have to be today. So, now I ask myself, "in what area of my life can I improve my 'playing' of it?"

(Picture from the seminar, breakfast, day 2. It's a dozen dozen-that's gross?)


  1. Great observations-- a lot of students do fall into the mindset of "I can play all the notes, why doesn't it sound like music?"

  2. My daughter is learning how to play the guitar, she is a novice. My hope is that eventually besides knowing the notes and where the fingers are placed, she will begin to add "dynamic bits" so as to tranform mechanical playing into something more delicious!

  3. It will happen, Beth, it's so amazing to see the transformation from notes to music!


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