Friday, February 6, 2009

Frosty Watches the Sunrise

"Is this the beginning of the end", he wonders, "or rosy with possibilities?"


  1. This is a wonderful blog. Wonderful. Keep writing , please. I am fascinated with all things musical and how music shapes how we think and how we think shapes music etc. etc. etc.

    I regret every day that I quit piano lessons a very very very long time ago. Doesn't stop me from playing of course, but I reckon my neighbors wished I had taken a few more years of lessons too.

    I will be reading you a lot.

  2. Wonderful snowman. He kind of looks like he is meditating. Lovely colors! Ahhhhhh Oooooo

  3. Beautiful picture, snowman is thinking, "Hope it stays cold." Beautiful colors in the sky. Nature is so cool.


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