Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lola Rosemary

I move faces, figurines and statues around in my studio periodically so that the students (and the statues) have something new to see. Some students look forward to the game, other students don't ever notice. I don't point it out. But, I am always on the lookout for whimsy.

So look at this terrific pot I found! She came with the name Lola, I'm going to put Rosemary in her head. One of the pictures showed her with fruit. That might have been fun too. I just had to open the seed starting mix and delight in the aroma of dirt! Won't she look fantastic with wild green shoots coming out of her bandana! And her earrings and lipstick! I imagine she makes that sing-song sound like Joanne Worley. AhhHAAAA! (Think of Laugh-In or the Wardrobe from Beauty and The Beast). Then I get to give her a haircut and cook with it! OK, that's weird.

The students will get to see the seeds grow too; they will mark the progress once per week, I'll get the pleasure of every day. May you find some whimsy in YOUR every day.


  1. Rosemary in her head! That's great...

  2. And you just knew I had to post on this one also.

    I am hoping that you will keep us up to date with pictures as her green hair grows.

    That is such a cute flower pot. And I hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Maybe when the kids get out of jail, as a reward they can cut Lola's hair. Some will think this is a fun reward, and some will not. As a child, I would have thought this would be fun. Giving a haircut to a pot. Oh yes, lots of fun.


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