Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chit Chat Happens

Sometimes I actually have to explain things to my students in words. There's only so far demonstrating, breathing, and singing can go before we stop and get out scale fingerings booklets and discuss the most efficient way to run up and down the keyboard. A mom who usually listens to her childrens' lessons remarked today that I was unusually talkative. Between critiques and techniques, she's right.

The two of us then proceeded to talk awhile longer about the weather, spring sports and Superbowl commercials. My next student wasn't coming and I had time. It was delightful to chat with a grown-up for a minute. Finally one of the student children said, "Mom, you think the teacher talked a lot today?" Maybe Moms need the interaction with me as much as I need them!


  1. My sister-in-law teaches chemistry and basketball at the high school there, I think in Apple Valley. She has for years. Her name is Kate Laveen. You don't happen to know her do you? Although have been enjoying 70 degree weather in California until today, we would love to have some of your snow. It is only February and we are facing drought situations, little snow pack, low lake levels already and all of our lovely buds and fruit trees will be taken by the Ice Queen when she returns. Nice Blog.

  2. Hi Ronda! I don't know Kate, we have 2 high schools in AV now, but I'll keep my ears open - it's a small world!


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