Monday, April 27, 2009

Things I Thought While Judging

(Note to readers-the first sentences are what I thought; the second are what I wrote)

A half note is still two beats in length. It should not be however much you feel like, any less than two beats, or a staccato for one beat with a rest. Without a pulse, your piece is dead. Have you considered Mr. Metronome for this piece? A steady tempo is your next goal.

Imagination is a must. if you're performing a sneaky detective piece, be mysterious. If it's supposed to be cool, go for it. I have sometimes heard this bear as the biggest, meanest, nastiest bear in the woods. He walks heavily (pesante) and growls!

The damper pedal is not either on or off like a light switch. Changing your pedal with the harmonies will will enhance the effect of this piece.

Dynamics people. Bringing out loud and quiet moments of your echo song can really make it come alive.

There is an inverse relation between the number of times a measure is circled and the likelihood that the student will play it correctly. I see that you are still working on measures 7-8 where your teacher has marked it. Keep listening-it's worth it!

A chair can be a friend or an enemy.

Details make the difference. In everything.

I don't like fast food.


  1. Hey, your actual comments were upbeat! I think judging music competitions would really be hard. As a teacher, I've entertained thoughts like the ones you described more than once.

  2. Your pics of your home reminds me of our home in Prior Lake. You are coming into such a beautiful time in the Twin Cities. Lucky you!

    Thanks for your comment on the piano keys -

  3. "Dynamics people."

    That makes me laugh out loud!! :)

  4. Details most certainly make the difference in everything. I don't like fast food either! Very funny.

  5. Not a fan of fast food either, and what great comments! Spot on :-)

  6. I am currently reading the latest edition of The Piano Book. How's that for some light hearted technical reading? Yikes! I enjoyed your post but fear I am destined to only play for simple amusement. Your dedication and commitment is amazing.

  7. Playing for simple amusement is the best way to play! I'm so glad you are enjoying music, in any form, any time. Thanks for the comments, all!

  8. Ha Ha! Great comments!
    I would add: My hand hurts from holding this pen too tight!

    Finding kind and tactful ways to say things that need to be said is what judging SHOULD be all about.


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