Friday, April 10, 2009

The Empty Upper Room

I was imagining the Upper Room last night. Jesus and the disciples had ate and drank, washed each other's feet, had a great time, shared a lot of cameraderie and love for one another. What a great night. I've had a few of those, the "philos" love is palpable. Then took off for the garden, where Jesus wanted to pray. Did they leave the dishes? Did they dump the foot wash water before they left?

Or after their beloved was killed, did they come back and find the tables and the towels where he and they had left them? I like to imagine it this way-that they could walk around the table remembering, reliving the night before, picking up the leftover bread, crying, and wailing to each other, or in stunned silence clearing the table. Perhaps I'm a cinematographer in my head and this would make a great movie-larger than life. Peter kicking a chair and then weeping uncontrollably. John fingering the towel Jesus used to wipe dry his feet. Thomas, staring out the window as Passover begins. Nary a word spoken between them-all lost in their own thoughts. May you find time to be lost in your thoughts today.

What a weird way to save the world.

(I'm getting new carpet today, my room is empty too.)


  1. OMG! This is too surreally funny. All I can say is that in my world, whether it be business or residential, not a flippin' thing was cleaned up, metaphorically or in actuality.

    Yes, the dishes were left. Along with the towels and soak water. No one even kept the clean towels separate from the dirties.
    So they ALL had to be washed. Did anyone start a wash load? Noooo! But maybe, just maybe, each irritating lack of initiative served as a precious reminder of devotion. Wonderful what if. Blessed Be!

  2. I wonder how many people have thought of this. I do not think I ever have. Yes, who cleaned up the mess.

    God bless.


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