Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

There is such joy in using the egg dipper to scoop your egg from the dye-how does it look? Should we let it get darker? Even without children, I would color eggs.

We draw with crayons, we make one into a strawberry, we've tried ty-dying, using rubber bands to make white stripes, stickers. We've dyed them with red onion, coffee, and other foods. Every year, there's a standout. I like the neon green one with the Light of the World church logo on it this year!

Then we take them to Grandma's, crack 'em and eat them! May you feel the Light this Spring!


  1. We haven't done it for a few years, but coloring eggs is a lot of fun-- those look really sharp.

  2. I love colored eggs and the green one is a stand out. HBEs are the best.

  3. I just watched Martha Stewart wrap eggs tightly in scraps of lace and then dye them. I was so cynical when the show started, but by the end I was nearly clapping and telling my husband, "Look at how beautiful that is! Let's dye eggs!" I guess we should all return to that happy 5-year-old self once in a while. Happy Easter!

  4. I haven't dyed eyes in quite a few years, but the grandkids do. I'm just not there with them when they do it.

    Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

    God bless.


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