Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Musician in Me

In the land of many hats, this week the piano teacher is also a guest clinician, board member, Discretionary Funds Committee member, Holy Week musician (that's a few extra services and rehearsals), artist practicing oboe accompaniments, and Judge Education convention session planner.

I am excited to have been asked to be give a key note address in August, present at
the state convention in June, perform with an oboeist for Thursday Musical, help with a Senior Recital, interview a new student, judge out of state, judge IN state, submit an article for possible inclusion in Clavier Companion, demo my blocks invention at the Piano Pedagogy conference, and I said yes to all, because I love to do new things. Look at it this way-there will be lots to blog about!

And regular life goes on too...

In the land of home maintenance, I am now the owner of a new washer and dryer. New carpet is on order. The television at the repair shop can not be fixed, they say. Heavy sigh. I can think of oh so many ways I would have rather spent the money. But if you are the person who thinks break-downs come in threes, I should be all set!

They say April showers bring May flowers. This last week has felt like a torrential downpour! but oh, oh, oh, it's all good. AMEN!

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