Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday and All is Well

What a week! When I last wrote, I was in the middle of a terrific birthday. It turned into a terrific birth week! The evening of my birthday, we went to dinner with friends who are marvelous conversationalists. One friend brought me fun gifts every day for five days! She would sneak over and drop them off while I was teaching.

I received an atomic clock for my birthday from my children. It also has the phases of the moon and outdoor/indoor temperature. The other gift I received was unexpected time with my family-a true blessing.

On Saturday I didn't get called to judge. I was on a list of call-me-if a judge doesn't show up or is ill. When no one called by 10 a.m., we decided I had the day free, so we finished up the laundry, ate out at Bruegger's Bagels, went to the local Mall, shopped a little, played mini-golf, and then went to the matinee of The Blind Side, with popcorn-yum. We don't always get corn, it is so expensive. I probably enjoyed the movie more than the rest; I have always been invigorated by women who follow their heart to do the right thing, especially when it's the hard thing. I highly recommend it, and Sandra, well done, girlfriend, well done.

It was a great family outing, made better by the fact that the kids actually seemed to like being out with us. We didn't even know that the mall had turned the lower level into a game area, with black light mini-golf.

I hope my students played well and had a good state competition experience. More on the results and stories here soon. Here's a picture of the flowers from the hubby-so happy, huh? So am I.

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