Friday, January 15, 2010

ABC's of a first timer Recital participant

I have several new students going to play at the recital this Sunday. I have decided to resurrect the ABC of recital 'what to do'.
A. Adjust the bench. Correct height and distance from the keys is necessary for your comfort and best playing.
B. Breathe. Everyone needs oxygen and we play best when we've taken a moment to get our brain in gear.
C. Concentrate on your music now. The baby fidgeting or mom's camera may be distracting, but your job is in front of you.

After you are finished playing you may go back to B. Breathe and bow. I think many of us would be successful at our jobs, lives and life in general if we took time to adjust, breathe and concentrate, huh?


  1. I absolutely second that post. Yes, we would be much more successful if we applied that ABC more, especially the C, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate. When did we lose our attention span? And if someone finds it, can they give it back, please?

    I wish your students good luck.

    Greetings from London.


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