Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Herr Mozart!

Ever wonder what Wolfgang did on his birthday?
This is my birthday too, and I just want to say how glorious it has been so far. I slept in, renewed my driver's license where there was no line, and she said I didn't look my age and wished me a happy birthday. The sun is shining brilliantly in my studio and living room. I had cake for breakfast with delicious gourmet coffee, got tons of greetings on Facebook, taught both my senior students today and an amazing young lady that had gotten a perfect score on the state Theory exam, level 3, more phone calls.

Wolfy and I grabbed a bite of lunch at Arby's and when she heard it was my birthday, the manager bought my lunch. There were greeting cards in the post, and a package on my doorstep when I returned, plus two lovely email greetings in my inbox. One of the emails announced that my duet, "I Wanna Be a Spy" was chosen to be included in the 2011-2013 national Federation Bulletin in the Duet category. I can't wait to tell FJH.

Now Wolfy just brought home fresh flowers in the happiest colors, vibrant purple, oranges, and yellows. And this is all before 3 p.m.!

I get to teach my youngest students this afternoon, and have music rehearsal tonight. Lots of talent will be sitting in my living room singing and playing with me. Lastly, we're going out to a late supper with friends - I feel so blessed, so amazingly warm.


  1. Mehr torte und kuchen bitte! Ich bin frohlich!

  2. The happiest of days to the both of you! What a day you've had so far and I hope you post about your eve! And...CONGRATS on your acceptance into the Duet category.

    Blessings! My own Bday will be in a few short days.


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