Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beautiful Responses

I have already reaped more benefits from the email I sent than I ever thought possible! My last post was fraught with emotion and nerves as I initiated conversations with two families regarding their children and the upcoming events. I was concerned that the families might be defensive or angry that we had not gotten the work done. Instead, I have had the most amazing conversations with the parents, in return emails and in phone calls.

The end decisions for the children are all as different as the students-how cool is that!

The same late evening that the email was received, I got a return email with this response.
"I appreciate your insight. You can count on an inordinate time at the piano bench between now and Saturday! I know your sincerity. You are an amazing teacher; challenging, demanding yet sincere and kind. I can't think of anything more I would look for in a teacher. We'll be in touch in a few days to hopefully report much progress. If I don't hear it, I'll call you. When is the latest date to withdraw?
Thank you very much for your honesty and candor. I'm sure this wasn't an email that you like to write. I'm sorry that things are in this state of repair."

This parent is going to place some heat under this student's seat, yowza! And I think I'll copy her words as a 'testimonial' for my website. Wow.

The next morning I had a phone call from the other parent who also responded kindly and was rather surprised that I would let them know the situation. She explained that they are consistently bailing out the child, and as a sophomore in high school, they were going to wince, turn away from the carnage, and let her flop this time. They are tired of the drama and tension around getting her to be responsible for things in her life and are letting her reap some of her consequences. I can understand this response too.

I am so glad that the email was well received. I won't use emails most of the time though-they are not the communicators that a live voice can be.

Set up for the festival is today, Friday. Piano tuners are coming, tables and supplies for judges are being arranged, chairs for audiences; there is a long list of To Be Done. Picture credit - Krista Kulas, 1/22/09, Iowa, Ice on Snowfence


  1. oops, photo from yesterday, 1/22/10-drat...

  2. Sounds like you got great support from your parents.

    Glad you indentified the photographer and subject of the photo. It is really intriguing.

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