Monday, January 11, 2010

Students' Favorite Christmas Presents

Parents sometimes wonder whether their presents were a hit or not. The five second question on the week returning to lessons was, "Favorite present?" I loved the answers. They were as varied as my students. Here is the list, in no particular order. If you shop for a birthday present in the near future, perhaps this list will help?

Personally, my children were (again) hard to shop for. They didn't want anything. Seriously, we tried! So, we took them to an amazing indoor waterpark and amusement park for 2 days. It was incredibly fun to play laser tag and zip down waterslides with them. We even went bowling! These two days were an incredibly special gift to me. Right up there though was hugging my dad on Christmas day.

Here is the student list: 2 iTouches, a trip to a hotel with a pool, multi-colored pens, an air hockey table, alarm clock for my iPod, 2 Wii Resort Sport, Wii Build a Bear, Glee soundtrack, a PS2, an iPod Adaptor, Belgian truffles, matching bed sheets, a digital camera, rain boots, a Swarkovsky crystal heart necklace, a ski trip to Colorado, a trip to Washington, DC to see my uncle, a Barbie dreamhouse, Sponge Bob Monopoly, drumsticks, a pogo stick, a watch, Zoo Zoo pets, money, and a blue ray player for the playroom.

I love to hear where my students are on the scale of materialistic items. Answers are revealing, for sure. Remember that these answers were their FAVORITE gifts. What was yours?

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