Saturday, August 1, 2009

fancy fancy

My parents treated us to a meal at a casino buffet last evening. There was so much food! One magnificently prepared entree after another, the cream of chicken wild rice soup was worth the trip on its own! I marveled at the fish and paella, made in quantities that would frighten me out of the kitchen.

Around the bend of the enormous carving station, there was gourmet macaroni and cheese, and, of all things, "tater-tot hotdish"! I was very surprised at how much of both of these were being consumed, when there was chef-created food at every other turn. My parents and I make a hotdish two or three times a month. I guess not everyone turns their pound of hamburg into something mixed together with a creamed soup and can of veggies.

G. got the biggest kick out of the presentation of the food. Here, splendidly enshrined on crushed ice, with a rose made out of a strawberry is what tickled his funny bone the most. A beautifully handled ladle can present you with the finest... ketchup! Yes, the condiment has been knighted.

There's hope for me yet.

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  1. Nice....presentation...for ketchup! The soup sounds good, tho'. Haven't bee nround to the casinos out my way in a while, but they do put up a good feast...oh great! Now I'm hungry!


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