Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Funny

It's the weekend, and you're here; enjoy it. Say hello to the check out clerk, smile at the driver next to you at the red light. If you get the opportunity to work today, be thankful. If you get to do laundry and practice piano, find the "lucky me" in it. Can you find the moment of beauty?

I agree with G. This is funny. What the sign really means is free compressed air for tires. What G. thought it might mean is that there must be someplace somewhere that charges you for each breath you take. Even at a penny, I'd be broke. So, enjoy your free air today, while it's still free.


  1. Chris, thanks and I did! To-day was so grand, that I didn't wanna come back home!-LOL! And hey!, we get charged 75 cents for this :P

  2. Enjoy I did.. but alas the weekend is over!

  3. Aaah, my weekend is coming to a close also. Weekend storms gave me weird sleep patterns, but after a nap today-I feel better. I'm glad air is still free.


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