Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall Planning Includes Meal Planning

I froze corn today. This will help in the middle of the winter when I ask everyone to pitch in on meals. The blessing of all this work now is that it tastes so good later and it's organic.

I never considered all the prep work of running a business when I went to college. It's so much more than paperwork and practice time!

The local market's corn is at its peak these next few days. I bought three dozen.

My mom has never liked dealing with a hot cob so she and I cut the corn off before we cook it. We also think this decreases a "cobby" flavor.

The recipe adds 6 teaspoons of sugar, two cups of water, and 6 teaspoons of kosher salt to nine cups of cut off corn.

Does this look like 32 cups of sweet corn to you? The larger is a six quart kettle!

I like to put it in freezer bags.


  1. Love the fresh corn of summer. I wish I had a larger freezer. Cutting it off makes it easier to use in recipes during the winter. Good job!

  2. Looks wonderful. Thanks for the recipe.


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