Tuesday, August 4, 2009


D. told me he thought he knew what I was thinking. "Yup," he said, "you're probably thinking, 'gee, I hope D. doesn't pass any more songs today, I'm running out of stickers!'"

I told him that was one thing that a music teacher would never say. "I dare you to run me out of stickers with all your great music next week", I said.

He said he thinks he's going to try to learn the whole rest of the book this week, 30 pages! Then he can play along with the duets in the book with me, and use up all my stickers.

I'm going to go get more tonight, just in case!


  1. This is very cute! Don't you just love his enthusiasm!

  2. 30 pages?!? I can't even remember my driver's license number-LOL! Kudos if he ca ndo this :)

  3. I just had a student finish a whole level of MusicLearningCommunity in one week this summer; the carrot was 100 composer bucks. I love it when students are this enthused. 30 pages? Depends on what level and the determination of this student is high! Kudos to you for the inspiration for this student.

  4. nice way to keep em' motivated...30 pages...whew. you gotta let us know if he does.


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