Monday, August 17, 2009

Lawnmowers in Harmony

Once upon a time in a neighborhood right next to yours, a man got ill. He was not a well known man, he was not particularly successful or saintly; he was a neighbor. Over the fence he told of doctors and appointments. "They aren't sure what's wrong," he said, while biting his lower lip. And while Dwayne sat in white rooms, the green grass grew.

The next door neighbor was a man. He was also not a well known man, not particularly successful or saintly, but he was a neighbor. When the full sun shown, he mowed his grass, and just kept mowing. He mowed right across the dotted line that separates neighbors' grasses. He walked back and forth, back and forth. And an elderly neighbor on the other side noticed him.

"What are you doing?", asked the elderly man. He was a retired man, and he was a neighbor. "I'm mowing Dwayne's lawn. He needs some help right now".

Without any more questions, the elderly man nodded and came out from his garage with his riding lawnmower. "It'll go faster together", he said. And two helped one.

Again the next weekend, without a word, the neighbors mowed across the grasses, boundaries gone, in tandem, in unity.

This to me is a picture of the kingdom. It's here, it's now, and it's a beautiful day.


  1. A great story, & so well told. It's the so-called "small things" that matter--because they're really not small at all.

  2. Thanks for reading, John, I love your stories too.


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