Saturday, January 31, 2009

...yet she sleeps

So many worried hearts. A mom called, lost on the way to the competition, a student wonders how she played, if the memory slip is devastating, we can't pay you for lessons this month, and yet the angel sleeps.

So many worried, heavy hearts. My friend's cancer is back, a husband is abusive, parents are getting old, and yet the angel sleeps.

So many worried, heavy, sad hearts. His retirement is no longer sure, their dad loses his job at the end of March, will her son commit suicide, and yet the angel sleeps.

So many worried, heavy, sad, broken hearts. Will her husband stop drinking so much, how long will the dad with Alzheimers recognize his daughter, will the son lose his home, and yet the angel sleeps.

Is God asleep? Did she decide it's too much trouble, is it his coffee break? Or is the spirit at the intersection of these hurting hearts-healing, holding, loving?

Perhaps she sleeps because she's being healed, held, loved...

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  1. Part of the range of the human heart includes suffering, worry and pain. I don't know why, so don't ask me to explain it. It's part of life, I accept that even though I'm against pain of every kind.

    But I know it's what is, what always has been. The angels have to know more about this than I do. I don't get it.


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