Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting Ready

You know the festival is next weekend, right? These days leading up to the "big event" are almost as difficult for me as for the piano student readying himself in the memory, metronome, and dynamics department. I can memorize it over the long weekend, he said. I hate the metrodome, she said. The festibal judge will be able to hear my quiet even if you didn't, she smiled.

Do you think the president elect is getting ready too? Is he memorizing his speech? Is he working on tempo and inflection? Is she decided on her outfit? Does she have a back-up plan for the girls? How do you prepare for an event like that? Maybe it will be like a piano recital; not everything will be perfect, you'll make mistakes and you think you could have probably done it better, but most everyone in the audience is proud that you did it, and didn't really notice. Lucky for most of us it's not televised.

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