Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weakly Lessons

I had an email request for more information on the studio today. The person was looking for a new teacher for her 14 yr. old daughter who presently has "weakly lessons" with someone who makes her cry. I've had enough young lady students to know that you can look at them and make them cry on any given day for no reason at all, but this sounds different.

I hate the idea of receiving a weak-ly lesson; a verbal 30 minute berating-a calling out of all the things that were wrong THIS time. Come on, dear daughter, it's time to drive to your weekly demoralization. I'd be weak too if I was afraid of making a mistake, known or subjectively unknown. The teacher waits for the errors, giddy on the edge of the seat. Mistakes are almost all we make when we're learning to bare our souls. Hmmm, perhaps true of life learning too-I sure have made a lot of mistakes along the way. No wonder many more of us don't want to share our feelings.

I guess the best I can offer is the promise that not all we teachers teach like that. I can offer the patience to wait the months or years it will take to get over an experience like that, and the hope that she can. I'll get more information when I call them next week, but I may make room for a new student.

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