Monday, January 26, 2009

Who, Why and Why not?

I told a few colleagues at the festival that I had started a blog. Immediately one of them gasped, "WHY?" I've been wondering the same thing ever since. I'm not sure. Who writes blogs? As you can see by the non-entries, it's been a very thought consuming question!

My friend Dawn said people write blogs who believe that they may have a unique viewpoint that others would appreciate. A little Google digging said over half are under 30, only 2% are spiritual in nature, most are political or use the blog as a platform for their writing or artwork. Hmmm. Although I am none of the above, I have come to the conclusion that when I have something that struck me in an interesting way, I will jot it down. What harm of it? When I'm 80, I'll perhaps remember the situations and people involved in the memories.

The best part of the blog was the reaction a friend. Remembering her own music lessons brought back some fond memories. That's a lot better reason than I could have ever had on my own.

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