Friday, July 3, 2009

Pre-Fourth of July Preparations-The Unexpected

On a pleasant note, (Db), my new triangle flower garden between the paths is coming along beautifully! See the Roman Candles, sedum, geum, astilbe, and lovely little impatiens? Sometimes the bunnies have eaten the buds off the impatiens in their impatience, but not so far.
On a sad note (Eb), a wascally wabbit discovered my lovely garden over the last two days and has eaten everything except the tomatoes and some of the radishes by the fence. I mean everything, down to the ground. GONE! My lettuce, carrots, bean plants in bloom, the pea vines, just beginning their delicate climb-it's all gone. I came out to admire and weed this morning and ended up wandering aimlessly through the dirt. I could not and still can not quite believe that it would eat even the leaves of the bean plants. The lettuce I can understand and the tops of carrots, sure. But bean leaves? I was so disheartened that I took out the rototiller and had M. churn it all up. The glass half full side of my stomach says this is why farmer's markets were invented. The ticked off side of my gut says this is why they invented pellet guns.

We try to be kind, we really do. We use live traps, and chicken wire. We shoo, and have tried every spray, fox urine, blood meal, and human hair.

My garden is fenced. It has a strong chicken wire mesh around its formerly merry perimeter. There is obviously a breach in the "prison" wall. This calls for close scrutiny, repairing wire and more time than I wanted to spend on it today. And the fresh produce is gone, gone I say! I succumb to replanting. I will have some trouble finding seeds, I imagine.

"Shhh, be verwy verwy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits. I'll get those wascally wabbits, oooooohh."


  1. oh my that was one hunnnnnngry wabbit!! good luck with the (humane) hunt

  2. Time to break out those "have a heart" traps! Ooooh I hate that wabbit, sometimes! Enjoy your 4th! :)

  3. Sorry about your veggies. I remember the first year we owned a house and my husband was putting in tomato plants. As he planted each one our American Eskimo pup was following and eating the tops of each one . . . and these were plants he had carefully raised from seed!

  4. Yikes! Naughty puppy! We may get salsa this year but it might be supplemented with a bushel of farmer's market tomatoes.

  5. Oh, dose pesky wabbits! Someone happens to wuv dem at my house.


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