Saturday, July 25, 2009


I adore days like this. The summer sky is a perfect blue, yet we had a 5 minute drenching shower about an hour ago. The household purrs along with its Saturday jobs. Everyone had something they wanted to get done today, yet the lists were short and left room for detailed, or scant, work. A trip to the farmer's market, cutting the lawn, the laundry is moving, puttering in the shed, painting that little spot by the door, a new light bulb, or using a new squeegee outside on the windows; it is a contented day.

On our deck, young robins decided to preen and try their wings and their voices. Not quite mature, they swoop off the deck rather clumsily, and return to the perch near our door. They seem to encourage each other to try again. Try again. Soak up the day, stretch into the wind. Why did they grace us with their song? Wasn't it an every day, an ordinary day, or was it an extraordinary gift, let's choose today to learn to fly?


  1. Beautiful photo and that you had these little visitors grace your home! Wonderful here, as well and too, finished a lot of things that needed doing.

  2. Ahhh, makes me want to be there in your yard. It is so flippin' hot up here in northern California right now that I make sure to leave saucers of water all over for the creatures.


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