Thursday, June 25, 2009

Theme Thursday - SUMMER

Summer! Can any word conjure up more visions of outdoor music opportunities? There are many happening in your edge of the planet this weekend. May I encourage you to go, listen, smile, and maybe even participate by singing along or clapping and moving your feet?

We ate first at a new Mediterranean restaurant with belly dancers. It was all amazing. The food- hummous, lamb, saffron rice, pistachio baklava. The music-a fantastic blend of many cultures around the Mediterranean Sea. The dancers-beautiful women who loved their bodies, could move parts of their abdomen I can't even see, and balance swords on their heads. Delicious in every way.

We then strolled over to the annual International Festival in the plaza, where there were Irish dancers in equally gorgeous costumes. Look at how the music moves the children-they want to dance. Pictures of the international festival, Burnsville Heart of the City, last weekend.

What was most fascinating for me was the bodhran drum of this trio. The man was seated (behind the dancers), and the way he played this unique drum, how many different tones he got and the way he moved the back hand, shadowed in this video, was intriguing. See here for a slight sample. Get out there this SUMMER! There's music afoot! Live music is better.


  1. very cool drums. used to love strolling down to the harbor in Baltimore and seeing the street performers witht he drums.

  2. Great post! Hope we ALL enjoy Summer & live it up!

  3. Hmmm...pistacio baklava...tasty, I'll bet! And that bodhran; cool! Sounds like he's got a whole section going ( minus the cymbals ). Cool post :)

  4. Summer concerts! You are so right. This year I have tix to see Diana Krall the night of July 3rd. Late in summer, I'm planning to see the Doobies & Steve Miller. My son went to see Creedance the other night and loved them. Summer music & outdoor venues are the best.

  5. You do have a point...summer outdoor concerts...there's just nothing like them! The Mister and I hosted a table of 8 each summer for years at an outdoor concert. Yummy food, great music....always enjoyable!

  6. I love Diana Krall-have a great time! I wonder what others are going to this summer?

  7. I'm sure some such will be going on here in Dallas, and now you got me thinking about that.
    Enjoyed the bodhran video, too.

    Good one!


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