Monday, June 22, 2009

The Musical -Monday

Today was the beginning of our church musical. From 8:30-noon daily this week, 35 children will descend upon an elementary school. They will sing, learn lines and choreography, and in a mere 5 days put on a musical for parents and friends. They will be learning that they were each given unique gifts-isn't that something we all could hear again!

The kick-off today went ok but there are always hitches. Our sound is going to be mic'ed by condenser mics above the children. But we could not really hear each individual clearly. Part of the issue is that on Monday the lines are shaky and they're staring at their feet.

We had to dance around students that attend a summer school program in the same space. They eat breakfast around our stage. They come back for lunch and we need to move again.

But what lovely people came forward today-their teams ready to go with props, games, snacks, and pre-school activities. We got some risers from the music room and made some head-way on Here are pictures on their colored "flip form" risers. I'll let you know tomorrow if they remembered which color they were on!

Tomorrow - choreography!

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  1. Ahh, they are so cute. Colored risers. What a great idea.


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