Friday, June 5, 2009

Honors Concert Regalia, Part Secondo

With all the pitfalls of 4000 people separated from their 660 children, sprinkle in nerves, an old building with very few bathrooms, and the mandatory dress code, you would think that more incidents and accidents would happen. Thankfully each year there are only minor glitches, except that one time with the tornado. Oh wait, that's another story.
Here are some of my students in their gowns, I didn't get a picture of the guys. Our lady in ice blue is backstage ready to go. They set up three rows of chairs behind the scenes and "on deck" to keep the program running smoothly. The group performs and while they are bowing the next group is already coming on stage and finding their instrument. It's a well-oiled machine.
Last year one young man came over to an usher quite pale in the face. "I need a bathroom!" She escorted him to one and become worried when he didn't come out and didn't come out. She eventually had to get a male security guard to go in and check on him. He had vomited all over himself and the bathroom! He smelled terrible, was upset and a mess. Poor fellow.
This year nerves sent a young lady in a beautiful gown over the edge and she went potty on the bench. She also went a little more when she took a bow, so there were two puddles in terrible places. Worse, the next student was already at the bench, looked down and didn't know what to do, so she panicked. She sat in it too. She cried through her piece. When she came off stage, she pointed and sobbed, and the stage crew got it all cleaned up discreetly. Most people didn't even know what happened.
Can you imagine? Your pretty dress, your big debut, your shining moment and the bench is wet? Oh yeah, the stories of concerts from behind the scenes. Do you have an embarrassing moment?

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