Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Musical -Wednesday and Thursday

Some funny ha ha and funny unusual incidents always take place when you get a group together. One child came Monday only to call in with chicken pox on Tuesday. Yes, I thought as you did that the United States had a hold on that potentially harmful disease with mandatory vaccinations. This child had been vaccinated, and it is a mild case. We had the task of informing our students that they had been exposed. Our parish nurse composed a great two-page letter with detailed descriptions of what to look for and what to do if you suspect a case. We are also meeting in an elementary school, so we sent word to their office to let the entire summer school body, staff and students know that chicken pox had entered the building.

On Wednesday, a seven year old boy came running to a grown-up during game time and looked so scared. "I swallowed a Lifesaver and it's stuck in my throat. I can feel it! And I don't want to die!" Calmly a middle school boy put his arm around the younger one, and said, "you'll be ok, Connor, you're talking and breathing, and it's a Life Saver." It was so cute. It eventually melted on its own.

We have really progressed from Monday. The students are singing out and smiling more. They know most of the dance moves really well; some of the little ones are struggling, but in that aaawww, cute way. We still help them, but everyone will smile and wave when they grapevine right while the rest grapevine left. We made some bracelets for the younger ones. "Bracelet arms (left) first!" It may or may not help.

When the oldest students ham it up during rehearsal, the young ones gab about it for the rest of the day. "And then Drew said this and he did this and it was SO funny, Mom". I am amazed at the way our oldest students care for and model great behavior for the little people. And we didn't really ever say that we wanted them to, it seems to be in their nature! There is great hope in watching the next generation care for each other.

One young man in particular is revered as the "cool" kid, and he is also one of the leads in the play. Yet I've seen him stoop down and tie someone's shoe, hold a door, share the basketball, and spend time with them over the week. He talks to them. Not all "cool" kids do that.

Tomorrow is the dress rehearsal. This includes costumes, photo shoots, and a few parents who want a sneak peek or can't attend on Sunday. There will be an overabundance of nerves, some lost lines and missteps. There will be a let down that the week is over, and the pleasure of a great show in front of family, plus the chance to do it one more time on Sunday. But for me the greatest treat is re-enforcing the message that everyone was given gifts to share with the world. Whether it's serving ice cream sandwiches, dancing, teaching a new game, singing, or helping a friend who's down, I hope you let your gift shine today. The world thanks you in advance for your kindness.


  1. Hi, this is my first time here. I came to check out theme thursday but this story is great. I've worked with kids before teaching drama classes and while it can be like herding cats, it can also be so rewarding. Sounds like a great group of kids!

  2. Fantastic to think of all those kids singing and dancing. Too bad about the pox!


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