Thursday, May 28, 2009

Theme Thursday - SUITCASE

My project today is to get my product ready for the Texas Music Teachers Association conference in June. The Bag O' Blocks do well at the conventions, but they don't fit very well in my SUITCASE. So, I ship them ahead, using our US postal service.
Here's what the table looks like on the last step of the day. We have already made the blocks, painted the blocks, made the brochures, bought the bags, stuffed the blue bags, and this step is to attach the cute little price tags. (Read not cute and little, but pain in the...) Finally, they will get boxed and driven to the post and shipped to Texas. I also sell POGO Post-it notes and they slide in the boxes down the edge for the same shipping price. This flat rate box is a great deal. Before I discovered it, each box of blocks cost around $20 to ship; the flat rate is $8.95, no matter what it weighs.


  1. that table looks tidy compared to any aspect of my life!! thanks for your visit to mine :-)

  2. Looks like a fun project. What do the blocks look like and what are they for? Nice Suitcase post.


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