Monday, May 11, 2009


I got a great email! A lady involved in the prayer shawl ministry in Battleford, Sascatchewan, Canada contacted me. What is a prayer shawl ministry you might ask? Well, quietly around the world, groups make prayer shawls which they pray over as they knit or crochet. They bless them and then they GIVE THEM AWAY! The shawls are often intricately made with love to bless a marriage, swaddle a baby, keep a chemo patient warm, be a physical presence of caring arms who hold the elderly or homeless. They are amazing shawls and amazing people who make them.

Last year, my first CD was released with music to knit by called "If My Shawl Could Sing". The songs were to inspire prayer for the handiwork being done. They are deeply spiritual in nature and you can hear audio here if you're interested.

The lady emailed for permission to use some of my CD music! She is doing a presentation for the Western Canadian Catholic Stewardship Conference in Regina in June. In the past she received permission from Jim Brickman, but thought my CD would offer a unique voice and something new!

Her ministry started in 2004 and she's integrating letters and photographs into her powerpoint presentation. It started, she said, with her second grade Sunday school students praying daily for the recipients and making the gift bags.

Every time I think that the CD is quietly fading, some little nudge like this happens. I am so encouraged by it! Just had to share the news!


  1. Congratulations--that's exciting news for you.

  2. This is SO wonderful. The concept, purpose and physical and energetic weaving of the shawls, the give-aways is just perfect. Your CD seems to have been crafted with the same energy and will continue to live out its own purpose.


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