Saturday, May 9, 2009

Collaborative Piano

The term for accompanying has been upgraded to "collaborative piano" in the last decade or so and I had the pleasure of partaking in some today! I was the accompanist for a fine oboe player at a recital in a suburb of St. Paul. She also was accompanied by organ on a piece and premiered a set of folk dances with a guitarist.

The piece we played together was a Sonatina by Malcolm Arnold. He was the composer of the movie music for "Bridge over the River Kwai" which came out in 1957. Our piece was written in 1951 and it seems to sound like he is trying out movie sounds and experimenting already with different colors and moods.

It was fun to perform in public for a more serious venue again. I play every Sunday and my students represent me in other forums, but it was great to be out again.

Pictures=the back of the van full of Mother's Day hanging baskets, a bleeding heart, and our very fragrant pear tree, in full bloom. What a heaven scent!


  1. Sounds like fun! There's nothing quite like playing in public.

  2. Collaborative. I like that term. I give collaborative massage. Glad that you enjoyed your time playing in a serious venue. Sometimes it is just nice to up your game. The flowers are lovely.

  3. It WAS fun, I wish you could hear the piece but it wasn't recorded.


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