Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We left for Wisconsin with my children in the back seat. I know we did. But miles down the road and I still had not heard one squeek (or squawk). I turned around and both of them had i-Pods in their ears, listening to completely different music from the car radio and each other.
This was a bizarre moment for a music teacher. Fractured music? Such individual tastes even on a roadtrip? I will have to consider this new way that students tune in as I'm teaching. My students may have less idea than ever about all the different styles. They may not even be listening to the music of their parents, whatever that is.

Less than twenty minutes later, they were both fast asleep, leaning back in their mini-van chairs, and they slept for over an hour. I don't blame them-it was rainy and car rides do that to me too. Of course it might have been their choice of tunes...
Getting started down the road is tough for us. Wolfgang trips often involve many starts and stops, what would a car trip be without beef jerky and cheese curds? Even the signs agree!

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