Thursday, April 15, 2010

Willow Creek Questions

The young lady at the golf course will probably groan before she answers the next time . I had so many questions for her yesterday. They were based on conversations between my parents and my brother. She says she is looking forward to our event, she remembers her parents' 50th fondly. I say she's already earned my confidence. Sandy was patient and understanding. Here's what I sent to everyone in true secretary format after the call. I'm such a geek, but my hope in doing this was that we would all know the same things this way.

Willow Creek Questions

1. Cash bar question about beer. We'd like to supply the barley pop.
We have two options. We can order a 16 gal. keg. There are 170-12 oz glasses in a keg. (I did not know that!)
OR open the taps-they have 6 total, 3 domestic and 3 imports. I prefer the options that 6 tap "flavors" give me, and don't think I want to choose someone's beer flavor with only one keg kind. This way we don't have to decide regular or light beer?

2. Punch vs. soda.
Some like the look of a punch bowl. There is also an option of the bar serving soda. It would be free to our guests, then it's unlimited flavors too. Her experience is that once people find out there's free soda, they don't drink the punch. I'll ask Mom whether she really likes the look of a punch bowl.

3. Cake plating charge?
No, there is no charge. We are happy to provide this service to you. You are also welcome to bring mints and nuts if you wish, (which I didn't know they'd allow). Do we want to consider these on the tables or at the buffet? Will we need them with the other food?

4. Our Color Scheme = gold/ivory, what type of table centerpieces have you got that we could rent or use?
We have fuel cell gold lanterns and mirrors that we would be happy to provide you free of charge. They look lovely and then you wouldn't have to haul them from home.

5. Can we come out and taste the wrap and other appetizers?
Yes, you can come and taste any of our appetizers that you have questions about. When would you like to come? The wrap's delicious and a little addicting if you want to take her word for it. It is ham, cheese, crumbled bacon, tomato, South West sour cream and wrapped in a tortilla, yum! It is a great taste choice and presents well, she said.

6. We’re bringing musicians including a keyboard. Tell me about the sound system.
We have not got access to hooking you into it. There are speakers in the ceiling. We'd set up near the dance floor. Advise them to bring their own equipment, the disc jockeys for weddings bring their own too. This scenario makes sense to me.

7. Do you have a microphone? Yes, Wireless.

8. 250 people is our estimate. How many tables to set up? (this is really a centerpiece question).
14-15? But we can do whatever you'd like. We usually do 6 rounds in “front” and more tables away from the music a little in the main big hall, access to the deck and the patio, plus the cash bar. We're hoping for a lovely day.

9. What time will we need to be there and when do we need to be out of there?
YOU are our event on May 15th. You have the whole day-no weddings or other events will be booked in the evening. Perhaps you wish to come at noon and do some pictures and/or set-up early, or 12:30, but if it's running longer or people are lingering, the space is yours. We will plan on using our champagne color linens, and they will look great with your gold/ivory combo. It will be very elegant.

See, doesn't all that information make you feel better? It didn't? Oh.


  1. Having planned many events myself, this information does make me feel better! You'll post pictues, of course?

  2. Love it. Most of the time, the more information you can get is only helpful. You guys are going to have a blast!


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