Monday, April 5, 2010

Henry Ford and the Rouge Plant

We had an amazing tour of the Ford plant on the Rouge River last Wednesday. I couldn't take too many pictures because it is a working running plant, currently making F-150s. But what an innovator Mr. Henry Ford was!
I was so impressed with his vertical integration ideas. He built this plant right on the river so he could get the ore right from the great lakes chain, and ultimately turn it into a vehicle in 72 hours. It was fascinating how revolutionary his ideas were!

I had never been to an assembly line plant before. We got to actually see into the body area as we walked overhead as they put an F-150 together. Have you ever seen a vehicle get put together? There is so much that needs to happen. Some steps are computerized now, but there were still a lot of people involved in making your car.

There are now many green efforts in place to reclaim the land that is near this river; it wasn't all grand and beautiful.
Because the pictures were scant and I would be repeating much of this information, please check out the links below!


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  1. A 72 hour turn around is incredible. I would love to see that plant. The husband is a car nut.


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