Saturday, April 10, 2010

Planning a 50th Anniversary Open House

Well, it's been a big week up at the music house. (That sounds like Red Green, doesn't it?) I am in the process of planning my parent's 50th anniversary open house. I was given permission only 2 weeks ago to have anything at all. So, with only 2 months to plan, it's got potential to be a daunting extra task OR a delightful diversion with great results. I'm hoping for more of the latter.

So far, I can't believe my luck. I landed the beautiful golf course Willow Creek on the edge of Rochester. They have a wall of windows overlooking the greens. So, even if it's raining, it will be pretty to look out. And if it's nice, they have a deck and a patio for us! They were actually open on a spring Saturday, May 15th, in the afternoon. I was also amazed to get the combo of jazz pianist Dan Rengsdorf and Barney Fox for the afternoon. They play monthly at Michael's Restaurant in Rochester. (Think Nice nice dining). The musicians are good too.
Mom and Dad were given a task. They need a new picture so I can make invitations with "then and now" poses. Everyone likes those, I think, except maybe the people in them, who notice that they've suddenly aged. My mom said she needed a new picture because she's got more wrinkles to share with the world. Their "photo shoot" (as Mom called it) is Monday.
First, I was going to pick up on their wedding colors, spring green and yellow, it was 1960 after all. But this morning I changed my mind. Everything is 50th Golden gold. So, I'm going to go with gold and ecru. Ecru is a weird word isn't it? I prefer ivory, the word, perhaps because of the keys I play. I'm going to get personalized napkins with their names on them, but there is not much time for too much else.
I'm actually looking forward to wandering around party stores and bed, bath, and other stores to scope out table centerpiece ideas. And we're narrowing down food choices to 2-3 hot and 2-3 cold appetizers, cake, punch, coffee and a cash bar.
That sounds like a party open house, doesn't it? Friends, family, food and music in a pretty place?

Many have mentioned having Powerpoint at the event, with pictures through the years. Some have suggested a memory book. Attendees write a little story that you put in a scrapbook. These might be easier t get done, before the event. Merely putting pieces of paper and baskets on the tables might work. The 2 questions I would ask are "How did you meet Don and Arlene? and Please share a memory of time you spent with them." I have not scanned in any of my parent's pictures. It could be a monumental task in a short time. Maybe I'll get those done? Maybe?

Next projects are the invitations which we will send as postcards and in emails. And I want to order a cake. Mom did not have a traditional topper for her cake 50 years ago, so this decision could go any number of ways. She's thinking a sheet cake, I'm thinking stacked rounds. How about flowers? Maybe one pretty arrangement for the appetizer buffet.

What else should I consider?

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! May 15th is my 34th anniverary. Ecru is a funny word, like taupe. But ecru does look so nice with gold. Looking forward to reading and seeing more on this Happiness Project.


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