Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making a Summer Schedule the Old Fashioned Way

If post-it notes could talk! I sent out a summer lesson form via email in May. Most families sent back their preferences in email or paper format. I planned to teach Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays this summer, in July and August (7 weeks).

There was an outcry of 4 students who "can't wait until July for lessons!" So I opened up the studio for Thursdays in June, and I'm full with an amazing 6 hours of studio time! This is a very pleasant financial surprise. Given that the church job is over, every lesson will be significant.

I asked around at convention yesterday and most of us are still doing the same scheduling paperwork, on paper. One brilliant, technology-savvy woman opened a Google calendar and had everyone put on their own dates. Since I'm almost done with the summer, I won't do that this time, but I'm going to remember that! There are always good tidbits and information at conventions! It would require that everyone get a Google account, but they are free. According to my teenage children, everyone has one anyway. According to my husband, everyone with an Android cell phone uses Google to gain access to the app market.

I am planning to use June as the Remodeling Month. We have already begun to tear apart the waiting area,to lighten, brighten and update. It's going to be a great improvement. I still really like my studio. So, students and parents will be in the midst of a construction zone on Thursdays.

But let's look beyond the initial, "um, ok let's see what I can do" reaction I had to teaching in June. I've sat back and thought about this. They wanted to continue lessons. That says so much about these students. I gave them the chance to do something else. And they love to play. Piano. In the summer. So do I. As I left my church job, that was one of the things I kept saying about the great loss I feel. I LOVE to play. I'm not the best, I'm not like the amazing classical pianists at the convention, but I love to play piano. I love to see how music moves people to smile, to cry, to dance, to pray, to connect, to remember, to love. It touches all ages. I love to be a part of connecting them to that deeper place. One day, that was even my Facebook status, because it is so true for me. And it is not true of all my colleagues.

I think I have stumbled upon something. So that's me. Still learning about my strengths. Hi, I'm Chris, and I love to play piano. I'm going to put it on a Post-it Note and think about it awhile.

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