Friday, June 10, 2011

Destruction-And so it Begins, Again

Help is on the way for the studio waiting room. Last year, we tackled my office proper. This year, we are moving outward to the waiting area of my teaching side of the house.

The first picture is my current teaching space, warm and inviting. One sweet student said I needed a sign for my office during the construction time, so she made one for the french door. I believe it's the best name plate I've ever had!

One of these pictures is a "before" of the studio waiting area with lots of framed inspirational autographs on the wall, and the keyboard. Although the keyboard will be back in that space, the bookshelves will not. Also, I plan to make a coffee table book of the autographs, rather than clutter the wall.

Our first event today was to get a trailer and take junk to the landfill.

Pictures will be posted occasionally, we are hoping that it will be fewer 'surprises' than the last room!

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