Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wedding Pictures

The wedding was beautiful and the couple is now happily honeymooning in a non-disclosed location-a cabin in northern Wisconsin-for a few days. They will also take a second honeymoon for two weeks to Hawaii in February where they have use of a condo.
The music went well, but I'm still mentally exhausted. Performing both on Saturday for the wedding, and Sunday for worship is a lot of music. I dare say I feel my age on Monday. Even into Tuesday!
There were many details of this wedding that set it apart; the bride is a perfectionist graphic designer and her fingerprints were all over the three day event. Here are some great ideas if you are planning a wedding.
In St. Paul, home of Charles Schultz, there are six foot statues of his characters all over the city. Here, Lucy has donned a bridal gown and stood near the entrance to the chapel.
The reception was in the top of the Crowne Plaza, St. Paul. We had the blessing of seeing the city, the river, the paddleboats, and the sunset while we feasted.
Every piece of carrot cake, their wedding cake, had a bride and groom figurine atop a mound of fresh whipped cream. It was heavenly.
Unfortunately, life's celebrations and death's reality have collided in my life.
This weekend I will be part of a funeral for our brother in law. His heart stopped on Friday. The ambulance was finally able to get it started again, but his brain had been without oxygen an hour. He was merely 55. We will go to support his wife and five children with our arms, our smiles, and our tears. We last saw him over Memorial weekend when we mini-golfed together. I'm glad for the pictures I took of that trip.
The bride wanted traditional hymns played pre-service and during the service to make the convention space of the hotel seem more holy. The singer did a lovely arrangement of "How Great Thou Art", big and full of grace. This song will appear before me again at the funeral, combining and intertwining the two events in a bittersweet melody. It has been a part of all of my grandparents funerals. I'm so glad I got to hear it in a happy way at the wedding before I play it again for Bob and family.
Do you remember your wedding music or have you planned any "must haves" for your funeral? I find that people are very interested in having certain pieces for their loved ones at both events.
"How Great Thou Art", "Beautiful Savior", "Day by Day", "In the Garden", and "Softly and Tenderly" in the traditional section, "I Can Only Imagine", "Eagle's Wings" and "Borning Cry" are more contemporary. These are the Often Requested at the Lutheran funerals I've played recently. I've also played "What A Friend We have in Jesus", "Sissy's Song" by Alan Jackson, "My Redeemer Lives", and "The Wind Beneath My Wings" this year.

I think maybe I'm not cut out to be a funeral musician. But I do it in love. Sometimes music says what words can not.


  1. sorry to hear about your BIL. hope the funeral goes well. sometimes musiv foes say hings words can not express.

  2. how often life and death collide. heartfelt condolences to you and your entire family on the death of your brother-in-law.

    I recently attended a funeral which had fields of gold played, left me in a puddle.

    on a happier note, sweet to provide a slice and a statuette!

  3. You have my condolences for the loss of your brother in law, your warm heart and generous spirit will be a comfort to his family. Thanks for sharing the wedding photos.

  4. Thank you for your sweet wishes. I am remiss in my duties to submit a collection themed Thursday post. Give me 20 minutes; it's almost ready!

  5. I'm so sorry about your BIL. Very sad. I know you will be an encouragement to them...always good to get those hugs and tears from others in the family.

    The wedding looks wonderful. I'm sure the music was! ;)

    I see you are going to the Manor Ball! See you there! :)

  6. This is a song I wrote long ago and sang at my aunt's funeral. She was a wonderful person and her funeral was actually a celebration of her life.

    He Cares (a song)
    by boops4(aka dreamhaven)

    He walks the road beside me
    Takes my hand to show and guide me,
    For He knows each way that I must turn.
    And the love we show each other,
    To our sisters and our brothers,
    Shows the world the love
    For which they yearn.

    For He cares, oh how He cares.
    And His love is like a beacon
    From the very highest hill.
    And I'll be there, yes I'll be there
    When He comes to call His children
    All back home.

    We can take to Him our heartaches
    For we know He died for our sakes
    And He wants to help us all he can.
    With the happiness He gives us
    And the sins that He forgives us,
    I know that we're part of His plan


    In the golden grain so yellow,
    In the sparrow in the meadow,
    I see the touch of His great
    And gentle hand.
    For He gave the grain to feed us
    And the sparrow's song to please us
    And Himself, to bring us to the
    Promised land.

    For He cares,oh how He cares.
    And his love is like a beacon
    From the very highest hill.
    And I'll be there, yes I'll be there
    When he comes to call His children all back home.

    And I'll be there, yes I'll be there
    When He comes to call His children
    All back home.

  7. I imagine this is a most beautiful song, Dreamhaven. Thank you so much for sharing your lyrics with me.


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