Sunday, October 11, 2009

Contest Literature-Pas De Deux

Who is the composer and where is he from? Samuel Osborne Barber II (March 9, 1910 – January 23, 1981) was an American composer of orchestral, opera, choral, and piano music.
What else have they written that we may already know or have heard? His Adagio for Strings is among his most popular compositions and widely considered a masterpiece of modern classical music. Since they didn't know it, we will listen to this too.
What is the title? What does it mean?pas de deux (French, step/dance for two) is a duet in which ballet steps are performed together. This piece was also written for one piano, four hands, a duo!
What time period is it from? contemporary
What about this piece do you like? It's so sad and poetic, she said.
What sounds challenging pianistically? Not to get bored, to find the climax points.

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  1. We learn something new every day. Interesting stuff.


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