Monday, October 12, 2009

Manor Ball-the Event!

I adore the idea of daydreaming. A ball, a dress, an escort, a moment to be in a beautiful room of amazing people. An invitation to believe in possibilities can also be daunting. What if I don't fit in? Will I know what to say, how to dance? These same feelings sometimes come to the performer as he waits to take the stage. Will I be heard as I want to be heard, will I do and speak and become the music that is so amazing?

Shine, dance, and be-all the world is a stage. My gown is Versace, my jewelry is from Tiffany's. My escorts are Antonio Banderras and Denzel Washington, Pierce Brosnan and Tom Selleck. They are all 6'2" tall today. To be fair, I asked all their wives if it was acceptable to have them accompany me. And the music is eclectic: Mozart, Haydn, Spanish tangos, rock and roll. It's rather like A Knight's Tale, where old meets new and somehow, it works. Aaah, the music takes me there. Can you hear it?

I arrived in a bright red Ferrari Enzo, it was a wonderful day for a drive. Willow is such a gracious hostess, I brought her a little something as a token of thanks for the lovely party. October's birthstone is the opal, and there is none quite so lovely as the black opals from Australia.

Anthony Bourdain prepared a few appetizers, then decided to join the party in person, and flew ahead of me to the manor to get started in the kitchen. I heard him mumble something about the freshest ingredients and getting something imported quickly.

I can't wait to see who else is coming! Click here to transport yourself to the ball!


  1. Oh, the opal is beautiful, thank you so much! Yes, you're right, it is my birthstone and I actually have never owned one...until now. :)

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you like it. I'm having a wonderful time, thank you for inviting me!

  3. It was some party. I understand it's going on still!

  4. We are having the best time! If you get a chance come by Linda#53 for a martini and perhaps some food. If you enjoy dancing we have that too. We will be looking forward to seeing you at the north end of the manor. =D

  5. I have a spot for you on my dance card! I hope you have time...I see a line of ladies just waiting for you! ;)


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