Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Dawn

What schedule would you choose if you didn't have to work 8-5, or Monday through Friday? I teach when children are not in school. Most of my colleagues teach afternoons and evenings. Some load their Saturdays. Some teach students before school, some teach Sundays. I have a few home-schooled students and adults who can come during the day. I choose to teach the rest Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 2-10. This includes some office time without students. Yes, this is late, yes, this is a long day, and yes, in my opinion, I'm sure I want to schedule it this way.

I also play keys on Sunday mornings; I'm "at work", although this is a fantastic gig with great fellow musicians, and it hardly feels like a job. This gives me Fridays and Saturdays as weekends. I like my teaching schedule as much as those who schedule themselves differently.

I had a request in August to take students before school. I am not a morning person. After I finish up, I relax until almost midnight. On Wednesday nights, we hold musician rehearsal here, and then I'm partial to a cocktail and some nachos. But mornings? No thanks. I think I had too many late gigs, theatre, and too much restaurant work to ever be good teaching before 9 a.m. I passed them on to another teacher in the area who loves mornings.

I see very few sunrises, but this one struck me as lovely. Don't the telephone lines look like the staff?

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  1. The lines certainly do look like the staff. For massage, my ideal schedule would be Monday-Thursday but, that is often too many days that I am off for people to get in if they are hurting.

    So, I've set my schedule as M,W,F, and Sat. I start as early and work as late as I need to so I can get 3 days off. I'd rather work many hours in a row to get more time off. Kind of a weird balance but it works...for now.


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