Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Shadow

When I lived in New England, they were called Package Stores, but in Minnesota "Liquor Stores" are often owned by the city. Some independent stores exist, but many times the town makes a lot of money selling alcohol. Liquor stores in Minnesota are not open on Sunday. I used to be amazed, once or twice I was annoyed, and today I don't much care about this. I guess it's the luxury of having enough money now to keep a little extra booze around the house.

You will not find alcohol in gas stations or grocery stores here. Liquor is a limited commodity compared to other areas I have lived. If you were needy for a bottle of wine or beer, you could drive to Wisconsin and purchase some there any day of the week, and more than just 10 a.m.-10 p.m. But I just heard of a great little trick if you were desperate in this great state on a Sunday. I have lived here most of my life and even worked in bars and restaurants but did not know this.

Let's say you're having a Sunday night dinner party and, gasp, forgot the wine. Go into a restaurant and order your bottle of wine. The establishment must uncork the bottle. They can present the cork and give a person a taste. And then you may take it as a leftover! Put the cork back in, and be on your way! It will need to be transported in the trunk so bring something to keep it upright.

You may not do this with beer or hard liquor to the best of my knowledge. It is bending some arcane rule to suit the letter of the law. So enjoy a Sunday cocktail or glass of vino if you can; I hope if you lived here that you planned ahead.

I was flabbergasted to see this in action last time we were out to dinner. And the bartender didn't blink an eye.


  1. What an extraordinary custom. Mind you, seeing the gangs of drunken youths sipping on cheap supermarket lager around all our town centres, maybe you have the right idea.

  2. Chris, pretty neat idea. Massachusetts relaxed the Sunday laws but they did impose certain hours that liquor can be sold on Sundays. Surprised our gov. hasn't imposed a similar idea of controlle...

  3. This is such an intersting way to circumvent the law. Nice to see it done in the sake of fun and relaxation for a change.

  4. Interesting post. Great to read you again after my own hiatus in Spain. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  5. Great pic! The shadow looks like the world after a couple of drinks.

    Liquor laws are the shadows of Prohibition - in Maryland you can't buy liquor anywhere except at a state-run store. They are always drab and creepy, not like the nice wine stores in DC or San Francisco.

    In Virginia you can buy beer and wine in the grocery store but "hard" liquor only at the state store.

    But in DC (as you might imagine) you can buy liquor in many places, not before 9:00 a.m. though. Thank God!

  6. I love the shadow of Prohibition reference, Reya. I don't remember the Connecticut laws, but do think they were quite a bit more liberal than here!


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